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Dizzy Izzy Wear

was conceptualized in 2007 as a dance wear company, in response to a need for quality, affordable dance wear in the Atlanta dance community. Dynamic duo Mechel Miller (mother) and Ashleigh Nyee’ (daughter) designed three lines of their very own leotards for dancers, by dancers.

Over the years, leotard trends have spread across retail and thrift stores - ignoring quality features and proper support for true purveyors of movement. Along the way, Dizzy Deputies also found a deeper need for promotional tee shirts, performance costume packages, and team spirit and practice wear.

Today Dizzy Deputies are ready to shift gears again for their loyal clients and aspiring designers. Dizzy Izzy Wear has evolved into a business-to- business design, branding, and manufacturing studio. We have international relationships to produce original items created by ambitious entrepreneurs like you-looking to establish your own brand, team, or
company. Low minimum quantities, customizable features, and flat rate shipping are just a few Dizzy Izzy perks we can promise.


It’s time to make Dizzy Izzy Wear a part of your business today. From custom team wear to specialized solo costumes, we've got you covered. Even disaster costumes under tight performance deadlines don’t scare us. Whatever your apparel and product needs, call on a Dizzy Deputy to deliver. We are ready to bring your brand to life!






Dizzy Deputies are transparent. As a product-development client, you are free to reach out to us with your questions at any time throughout the Dizzy Izzy experience. We disclose relative industry knowledge and tips to best help your product or line. You may have an idea of when you want to launch, however, we will provide you with realistic timelines based upon your specific features and requests. We are honest about any potential shipping delays, product defects, or sudden increase in cost materials and or labor.



Our office hours end, but our work hours don’t. Dizzy Deputies make ourselves available during international time zones to correspond with the best manufacturers for your product. We hold late night meetings and extensive quality checks virtually and in-person. Your brand is still moving forward even when you are asleep.



Dizzy Deputies exhibit Ingeniousness. We assist in every way we can to make your product or line original and authentic. At every step of the Dizzy Izzy experience, we provide expertise and professional recommendations concerning materials, packaging, shipping, retail pricing, ect.



Dizzy Deputies roll with the punches. Sometimes it's a race against time. Sometimes prototypes or samples arrive exactly as you requested, but not exactly as you envisioned. Whether a global pandemic or political unrest, Dizzy Deputies are poised to adjust- as needed when developing your intended product.

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