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Our Services 


BB2L Consult

$50 virtual/$75 in-person

Even for limited items, in time or quantity, it is important to fully understand your vision as Dizzy Deputies develop your product/s. This is a necessary first step of the Dizzy Izzy experience. 30 minutes to review and expand on your questionnaire answers is all we need to help outline our professional plan for your launch. Whether selling in a retail store, or from the back of your trunk, it is our responsibility to lead the mass production, packaging, and labeling of your brand product or apparel.



Company logos are more complex than just colors and a name. Our graphic design team will conceptualize your vision and incorporate our creative expertise to make the perfect logo that represents your brand.


Apparel Design


This time is dedicated to digest your every design request. Consider stitching, lining, and buttons. What about premium packaging to set your brand apart? Dizzy Deputies will note all item features and suggest our professional recommendations according to what is best for your brand, economically and realistically. If executed in under 30 minutes, more basic designs can be evaluated free of charge.

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