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Film Debut

The Fits: Just one year into business, in the fall of 2015, Dizzy Izzy Wear made its big screen debut in The Fits. This fully grant funded film is about about a young black girl surviving adolescence and the struggle between her life of boxing, and her passion for dance. Rolling Stones calls it poetry in motion.

Dizzy Deputies did not hesitate at the opportunity, but rose to the occasion of a fully virtual transaction. All sizing was information quickly acquired and converted to the true fit of these particular golden jazz shoes, no pun intended. Deadlines did not allow for any mistakes, or shipping time for exchanges incase some sizes didn’t fit. Thankfully with no shipping delays, Dizzy Deputies personally quality checked each item of their largest order yet. Each sparkling shoe carefully reviewed, labeled, repackaged, and delivered ON TIME for the VIP client.

Check out Anna Rose Holmer's, The Fits, now streaming on The Criterion Channel. You won’t regret it.

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