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Josie Music Awards

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

As a dancer, its the professionalism and charisma exhibited on the job that strikes the match for the next. In Dizzy Deputy Ashleigh Nyee’s case, it landed Dizzy Izzy designs on the Josie Music Awards stage with Nashville pop star, Taylor X.

They first met on the set of the Taylor X music video, Awakening, in Atlanta, GA. The custom rhinestone details in Taylor’s costuming compelled Ashleigh to solicit her shameless plug, Dizzy Izzy Wear. In preparation for her next big performance, Taylor took a chance on the Dizzy Izzy experience and scheduled an official design consultation. The connection was genuine and inspirational, making it easy to bring her brand to life. Taylor opted for custom shoulder pad add-ons, and matching two-piece sets for her dancers. She rocked the Nissan Stadium and walked away with the award for Pop Entertainer of the Year.

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